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The purple handbag

28 Jan

If I were going to buy a new handbag now, it would differently be purple!! Why you might ask?? I’m so bored of the classic black in clothing shoes accessories I need to put some color in my life! And most of the browns tons I don’t usually wear anymore! I have a huge bright green balenciaga which I love and I cant stop wearing daily with my classic black grey white outfits! So I’m pro color in accessories! And for the rest of my handbags I have a black one, beige which I use a lot, a red/burgundy, orange, light blue, dark blue, electric blue! So I think its time for a purple one that matches with every color that I can think of!! It works perfect with burgundy pants, total black looks, and grey, browns they all match!! So here for your eyes too the prettiest purple handbags designers have made and I have picked out!! (If I were to choice one I will probably go with the givenchy nightingale, I already own one in beige and although I’m not the type that likes to own a certain type of handbag in different colors I rather just have one and many other different ones for this handbag I will have to make an exception to my rule book!)



Purple shades

9 Jan
Purple shades

Bodycon dress
$40 –

Ted Baker peplum top

Hanky panky
$38 –

Pleated skirt

A Wear purple skirt
$56 –


Tech accessory
$29 –

$9.64 –

Zara sparkles…

7 Jan
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