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THE LITTLE BLACK BOOK: chicness with a twist

26 Apr

04_carine_roitfeld_karl_lagerfeld_Little_Black_Jacket_review_nov_2012Akuol de Mabior04_chanel-jacket-stella_tenant-the-little-black-jacket-chanel's-classic-revisited-by-karl-lagerfeld-and-carine-roitfeld,-steidl-2012Stella Tennant 22Claudia Schiffer 97_upcoming-books-the-little-black-jacket-chanel-s-classic-e1339431009659-jpg_9Milla Jovovich 2001_julia_restoin_Roitfeld_The_Little_Black_Jacket_karl_lagerfeld_chanelJulia RestoinRoitfeld daphne-guinness-chanel-little-black-jacket-sn1Daphne Guiness georgia-may-jagger-chanel-little-black-jacket-sn1 Georgia May Jaggerjoan-smalls-for-chanels-the-little-black-jacketJoan Smalls marine-vacth-chanel-little-black-jacket-sn1 Marine VacthTao-Okamato-The-Little-Black-Jacket-CHANELs-classic-revisited-by-Karl-Lagerfeld-and-Carine-Roitfeld-Steidl-2012Tao Okamoto The-Little-Black-Jacket-by-Chanel-00Alexa Chung The-Little-Black-Jacket-Exhibition-Ziyi-ZhangZhang Ziyi tumblr_m3w7s0JAxJ1r1xogdo1_500Kiko Mizuhara tumblr_mdzi8lFba71qahugbFreja Beha Erichsen vatienne-blog-chanel-the-little-black-jacket-aurore-clc3a9mentAurore Clément vatienne-blog-chanel-the-little-black-jacket-ayoAyo vatienne-blog-chanel-the-little-black-jacket-frankie-rayder Frankie Raydervatienne-blog-chanel-the-little-black-jacket-leigh-lezarkLeigh Lezark vatienne-blog-chanel-the-little-black-jacket-linda-evangelistaLinda Evangelistavatienne-blog-chanel-the-little-black-jacket-maiwennMaiwenn vatienne-blog-chanel-the-little-black-jacket-svetlana-metkina Svetlana Metkinavatienne-blog-chanel-the-little-black-jacket-theodora-richardsTheodora Richards vatienne-blog-chanel-the-little-black-jacket-violette-dursoViolette d’Urso vatienne-blog-chanel-the-little-black-jacket-virginie-ledoyen Virginie Ledoyenvatienne-blog-chanel-the-little-black-jacket-scarlett-utzmann-huynhScarlett Utzmann Huynhvatienne-blog-chanel-the-little-black-jacket-mariacarla-bosconoMariacarla Boscono

vatienne-blog-chanel-the-little-black-jacket-eugenie-niarchosEugenie Niarchosvatienne-blog-chanel-the-little-black-jacket-jane-birkinjpegJane Birkin



24 Apr

April was the month of wide trousers and shorts. I got tired of looking in my closet and only finding jeans in all shapes and forms. Wide floating trousers seem to be the best solution in order to spice up my wardrobe. My shopping hunt lead me to the dark grey floating trousers from MANGO that will match perfectly with my ballet flats and to the emerald-green ZARA trousers with a small diamond shape pattern that will look amazing with my new fuchsia wedges. Of course my shopping hunt didn’t stop there floating fabrics were stuck in my mind and I ended up purchasing two shorts from Zara one in my favorite spring color fuchsia and the other in classic navy blue with an ethnic touch. Final best purchase of the month were the beige vinyl heels from Asos, looking in my closet for classic heels I only saw black heels in every material you can think of suede, vinyl, leather and when I decided to buy a classic pair of beige vinyl heels in an affordable price I couldn’t find anything anywhere I search the whole Athens from Kifisia to Glyfada to Chalandri to downtown I found nothing only heels with a platform in the front Asos had the classicist solution and now I cant wait to wear them.

81312365_75_BMango dark grey trousers 30€81312365_75_RMango dark grey trousers 30€ 83234353_OW-81312365_75-83620001_ND-86601085_92Mango dark grey trousers 30€ 1198020820_1_1_1ZARA grey t-shirt 12,99€
1198020820_2_1_1ZARA grey t-shirt 12,99€ 2561384630_1_1_1Zara fuchsia fluid bermuda shorts 30€
2561384630_2_1_1Zara fuchsia fluid bermuda shorts 30€
2561384630_2_2_1Zara fuchsia fluid bermuda shorts 30€
2561384630_2_3_1Zara fuchsia fluid bermuda shorts 30€
2561384630_2_4_1Zara fuchsia fluid bermuda shorts 30€ 6895044430_1_1_1Zara blue ethnic print shorts 35,95€
6895044430_2_1_1Zara blue ethnic print shorts 35,95€
6895044430_2_2_1Zara blue ethnic print shorts 35,95€
6895044430_2_3_1Zara blue ethnic print shorts 35,95€
6895044430_2_4_1Zara blue ethnic print shorts 35,95€ 9479061504_1_1_1Zara emerald-green wide jacquard trousers 50€
9479061504_2_1_1Zara emerald-green wide jacquard trousers 50€
9479061504_2_2_1Zara emerald-green wide jacquard trousers 50€
9479061504_2_3_1Zara emerald-green wide jacquard trousers 50€
9479061504_6_1_1Zara emerald-green wide jacquard trousers 50€ image1xxlAsos beige vinyl heels 32€
image2xxlAsos beige vinyl heels 32€ image3xxlAsos beige vinyl heels 32€ image4xxlAsos beige vinyl heels 32€ shortsAsos black linen shorts (also available in light yellow and white) 23,63€
shorts01Asos black linen shorts (also available in light yellow and white) 23,63€ shorts02Asos black linen shorts (also available in light yellow and white) 23,63€ shorts03Asos black linen shorts (also available in light yellow and white) 23,63€


22 Apr

Valentino shoes

Valentino sandals

Valentino sandals

Jimmy Choo shoes

Marc jacobs shoes

Charlotte olympia shoes
$465 –

Jimmy Choo flat shoes

Valentino espadrille
$420 –


Juicy couture

Sam edelman sandals

Tory Burch espadrille shoes
$160 –

Jeffrey campbell


Armor Lux espadrille shoes
$33 –

Old Navy canvas shoes

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