“Wedge sneakers trend!”

21 Mar

You probably read my thoughts on the “Wedge-Sneaker trend” of the previous post (if not I suggest you do before reading this post)! Since Isabel Marant is just a bit out of my price range (price tags are around 395€/ plus they are sold-out everywhere) I’m here to say… have no fear, less expensive choices are available!

All the big name brands such as Zara, ASOS, Topshop came up with interesting results, as our Style-Ideal team sourced look-alike versions for a fraction of the price. Going thru all the available options, total-black would be the best choice, and that’s strictly for their matching flexibility. Try to match them with the skinniest pair of jeans or leggings in your closet, and don’t match them with a skirt, there are plenty of other shoes in your closet you can match a dress or a skirt with. The wedge sneakers need to look relaxed and easy-going. After all they still look like big pillow slippers! Keep in mind that these sneakers are not the most flattering things in the world. If you have a sexy hourglass figure you’re strongly suggested not to try this trend!

WARNING: These shoes seem like they only look good in super skinny long legged model type ladies and still add a few kilos to them!

01a zara black studs 04 70€Zara black wedges with gold studs 70€
01b zara black studs 02 70€ 03 zara black studs 03 70€ 05 zara black 01 80€Zara total black 80€ (also avaliable in sand)
07 zara black 03 80€ 08 zara blue 03 70€Zara electric blue with pattern 70€
09 zara blue 02 70€ 11 topshopTopshop black with military pattern 60€
12 topshop 13 topshop 03 60€Topshop burgundy 60€
14 topshop 02 60€ 16 zara beige 02 80€Zara sand color 80€
17 zara beige 04 80€ 18 topshop brown 01 60€Topshop light brown 60€
19 topshop brown 02 60€ 20 32A37DSND_largeTopshop beige 60€
21 zara snake 01 60€Zara black with beige and snake print 60€
22 zara snake 02 60€ 23 32A77DWHT_3_largeTopshop white with ivory and gold studs 60€
24 32A77DWHT_large 25 zara white 01 60€White Zara 60€
26 zara white 02 60€ 27 image1xxlAsh white/beige/ivory 180€ http://www.asos.com
28 image4xxl 29 blackash01Black ASH 180€ http://www.asos.com
30 blackash03


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