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Bianca Jagger part 01

31 Jan

We think that we have the ideal styles but that all stops and changes when you take a look back and see what Bianca Jagger was doing in the 70s! Former first wife of Mick Jagger the Nicaraguan born social and human rights advocate and former actress, model and now she serves as Council of Europe Goodwill Ambassador! Back then she was the beauty rocking studio 54 and bestie with Andy Warhol. Her ideal style A M A Z I N G!! You cant only have one post to show all the variety of ideal style she has given to us to look back and get inspired, so this is part one of many more to come!!

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My Xmas presents

30 Jan

I know i know its the 30th of January and I just remembered to show you the christmas/new year’s/nameday presents i got this holiday season!! Thank you all I love them!!!

20130129-195326.jpgPesavento DNA necklace!

20130129-195340.jpgKessaris sampala style with 2013 charm bracelet!

20130129-195349.jpgKessaris cross necklace from my boyfriend!!


body shop mandarin smell shower gel from my bf Fotini (smell full old memories), hand made fisico body lotion from my bf Iris love the custom made things she makes for me and for everyone! Lipstick lancome perfect shade by friend Virginia and mac black/white eye shadows from George just what was missing from my make up case! lancome mascara from me to me!20130129-195409.jpg

Πρίγκιπω necklace from my bestie Anna! love the unique idea of a record! and a little 2013 lucky charm I got for me also from Πρίγκιπω!!

20130129-195418.jpgZARA sequence sleeve t-shirt from my mom!

20130129-203011.jpgSmall dark grey fur purse! with chain!

20130130-023644.jpgMoschino knit dark blue dress with grey sleeves!

20130130-024612.jpgZARA sequence heels with black qliter from met to me!!


29 Jan

I was hearing through friends and reading in magazines about this new amazing jewelry line but I didn’t have the chance to see them upclose and discover what they are all about! But all changed when I got an amazing dark grey necklace from the DNA line as a present for Christmas!! I was thrilled and I thought I must share with you! I love the dark silver/grey color 925silver used in mostly all of their collections! It matches with everything! You can check out there website and for the people in Athens Greece the store


Address: stadiou 3


pesavento DNA01pesavento DNA02polvere di sogni03polvere di sogni02polvere di sogni01stars duststellejaipurpixel02pixel01sensitive

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