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26 Dec

My xmas eve outifit! main item the lace zara skirt!!

26 Dec
My xmas eve outifit! main item the lace zara skirt!!

Raoul button shirt

White winter coat

Prada suede platform pumps
$565 –

Bottega Veneta gray handbag

Diamond jewelry

Tarte lip stick

Greating unique xmas cards

24 Dec
I love getting, giving, creating xmas cards. The more custom made they are the more i love them! so i was searching for cool ideas on how to make my own christmas cards for this year! so i found this cool cards and thought of sharing them with you!
ps: the gift rap paper can also be used as the cover of ur xmas card just glue it on a harder piece of paper and then cut shapes like christmas balls or trees or stars anything! Christmas balls are easy just use a large glass to make the circle or anything else in ur kitchen and then punch a whole and pass a nice string through it and hang it on the gift bags

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